Vladimir patterns

Vladimir patterns

The Vladimir region has long been famous for crafts associated with the artistic processing of wood. Already in the 15th-16th centuries, the production of wooden chiselled and carved dishes, painted with various colors and patterns, was widely developed in many Russian towns. Products of folk crafts were highly valued at the All-Russian and international craft industry fairs.

In the 20th century, the development of crafts associated with artistic processing and painting on wood, went differently. Some of them expanded their production, others, in connection with the outflow of youth to large cities, were reduced. In the 1970s, unified handicraftsmen created a factory called "Vladimir Patterns", where today ancient handicrafts and paintings are being revived.

Unfortunately, to this day the works of the ancient Russian art of painting on wood, as it was on the ancient Vladimir land, have not been preserved. The masters began to search for their own style of writing on the basis of a deep study of the white stone carving of the Vladimir cathedrals, old wooden houses, fancy ornaments of Mstera embroidery. On this basis a new direction appeared in the painting of wooden utensils – the Vladimir painting. Its predominant colors became beige, black, red, green, and the elements of the painting – berry-fruit ornament (Vladimir cherry, mountain ash, gooseberry, barberry, apple, pear, etc.).

A distinctive feature of the Vladimir painting can be called a few subtleties in technology, making products unlike any others. Masters try to show the beauty of the natural texture of the tree, performing painting on the background of unpainted wood fragments. A unique technique of tamponing, inherent to Vladimir masters, is used, which makes it possible to accentuate the volume against the background of the imposed drawing. This is the original painting on the basis of "tychok" and "ozhivka" with the inclusion of a colored ornament in the composition.

Each artist improves his art, brings in new features. For example, in the painting of handiworks along with floral ornaments, one can find elements of Old Russian architecture of the Golden Ring. Interest in art wooden products of the factory "Vladimir-Suzdal Patterns"("Vladimiro-Suzdalsky Uzory") does not run low, and in recent years has even increased.

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Author: V. Korolkova