Mstera embroidery

Mstera embroidery

One of the well-known art crafts of the Vladimir land is Mstera embroidery. The art of embroiderers of Mstera is known since the 17th century. It was carefully preserved and developed as a direction of modern decorative and applied art.

Mstera embroidery is famous for the fact that the products with it, without a face and underside, look beautiful from both sides. Graceful small patterns of vegetative ornament, openwork images of human figures and architectural forms are skillfully created by Mstera craftswomen.

White satin-stitch is one of the most elegant embroideries with white threads on a white field of cotton fabrics. Colorful satin-stitch is so-called "Vladimir stitch", which is performed in large stitches with a predominance of red. Embroidery satin-stitch, according to legend, was born in the Mstera women's monastery of St. John the Merciful in the 17th century. It is believed that only Mstera embroiderers master this sophisticated technique, continuing the artistic traditions of the past. 

The beginning of the modern fishery was laid in 1923, when the "Model Artel of Artistic Embroidery" was organized (later – Embroidery Factory named after N.K. Krupskaya). Tablecloths and table napkins, bedspreads, drapes, lingerie and light dress, men's shirts, decorated with Mstera embroidery, were made here. In the second half of 20th century, craftswomen developed the ornamental direction of embroidery, using the motives of wildlife (fancy flowers and grass, singing birds on the branches of apple trees, etc.), turned to fairy-tale subjects. In 2003, the factory was transformed into "Mstera Embroidery" Ltd. Original products, manufactured by the association, are very popular. Craftswomen, relying on centuries of experience, create works of authorship that are exhibited in such museums as "Crystal. Lacquer miniature. Embroidery." in Vladimir, Mstera Art Museum and others.

Artistic products – elegant clothes, linens, interior items decorated with Mstera embroidery, are known not only on the Vladimir land, but are demonstrated at many Russian and international exhibitions, winning the connoisseurs of beauty.

Address: Vladimir region, Vyazniki district, Mstera, Lenin sq., 11.
Phone: +7 (49233) 2-04-66

Author: V. Korolkova