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To some extent, many fairy and epic characters are associated with our region. The most popular of them have in the region, even a kind of "visa".

Ilya Muromets is an epic hero. Brave strongman was born in the village of Karacharovo, near Murom. According to legend, he spent 33 years on the stove, suffering from a disease of hands and feet. He was healed by the holy elders. A glorious warrior began to serve his country with faith and truth. He was in the service of Prince Vladimir. Folklore preserved many epic stories about the exploits of Ilya Muromets. Here are some of them: "Ilya Muromets and the Nightingale the Robber" (he traded in the Meshchera forests), "Ilya Muromets and frigging Idol", "Svyatogor and Ilya Muromets". In the Transfiguration Monastery of the city of Murom, a particle of the relics of the glorious hero is kept.

The King of Peas – "It was still under the King of Peas", "He remembers the King of  Peas" - such stable expressions have been popular among the people for a long time. The mention of the King of Peas is associated with something long past. Few people know that the house of King of Pea is in the town of Gorokhovets. The fairy-tale kingdom is located in the building of the former old estate of the Shorins (now there is also the House of Folk Art and Crafts). To get an audience with His Majesty simply: you need to register for an excursion. The King of Peas welcomes guests sitting on the throne, along with the retinue and the jester Gorokhov. A cheerful excursion with songs and jokes awaits everyone, as well as a pea treatment.

Marya the Mistress – this heroine of the famous film-tale by Alexander Row had her own courtyard in the city of Suzdal. There, everyone can buy handmade souvenirs, take part in master classes and evaluate the products of local craftsmen.

Petushki – the birthplace of all fairy cocks is rightfully considered to be the Petushki district. There is a thematic museum dedicated to this cocky poultry, which hosts themed excursions, holidays and master classes.

And in Vladimir they love the New Year. In 2014, our city was the New Year's capital. The inhabitants of Vladimir celebrate the birthday of Father Frost and write him letters with wishes.

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Stop! Taken off!

The Vladimir region became a set for many famous TV series and films. More than two hundred films were created, both in Vladimir, and in Murom, Gorokhovets. Suzdal remains the undisputed film record-breaker. Especially for you, we made the top 10 most famous films that are associated with the Vladimir land.

1. "The Wedding of Balzaminov", dir. Konstantin Voinov (1964) – Suzdal
2. "Alive and the dead", dir. Alexander Stolper (1964) –village Batyevo, Vladimir region
3. "Andrey Rublev", dir. Andrey Tarkovsky (1966) – Vladimir
4. "There is no ford in the fire", dir. Gleb Panfilov (1967) – Bezlesnaya station near Murom (Vladimir region)
5. "The Golden Calf", dir. Mikhail Schweitzer (1968) – the first series of the film was shot in the town of Yuryev-Polsky, Vladimir Region
6. "Ascent", dir. Larissa Shepitko (1976) – Murom
7. "My gentle and tender beast", dir. Emil Lotyanu (1978) – Suzdal
8. "Wizards", dir. Konstantin Bromberg (1982) – Suzdal
9. "The King", dir. Pavel Lungin (2009) – Suzdal
10. "Sunny stroke", dir. Nikita Mikhalkov (2014) – Gorokhovets

In addition, Vladimir hosts the All-Russian festival of family and children's cinema "Vladimir Cherry".

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Over the past three years many places worth visiting appeared in Vladimir. You certainly need to visit the observation platform of the Spassky Hill, where you can see an amazing view of the Assumption Cathedral and vastness beyond the river Klyazma. Pay attention to the sculpture of Vladimir Cherry (by Igor Chernoglazov) near the entrance to the Patriarch Garden, where there were large-scale excavations and restoration works and new objects were built. Just in five minutes walk you reach the recently opened pedestrian zone of Spasskaya and Georgievskaya streets (the so-called "Vladimir Arbat") with two observation platforms. Here you can see the new city sculptures of Igor Chernoglazov – a monument to the artist, and a little further, at the building of the ancient Vladimir pharmacy, – a monument to the pharmacist. Near the oldest fire department in Vladimir on Spasskaya street, – an unusual interactive monument to a fireman. A few meters from it, a sculptural composition of a scapegrace boy and a filer was opened. Georgievskaya Street has become not just a new hiking route, but also a place of interesting art projects and attracts a lot of tourists and city residents.

Here, in the center of Vladimir, you can visit new museums, for example, the private Spoon Museum, where the exposition is rich enough for the young museum, the examination of which is accompanied by a meaningful excursion. In the building of the old Trade Rows new cognitive expositions are located – in the Museum of Science and Human "Eureka" and in the museum "Fires of Vladimir". At the foot of Kozlov Shaft there was opened a new Museum of Vladimir Cherry. On August 25, 2017 in City day of Vladimir the long-awaited museum of the Old Pharmacy was opened in Georgievskaya Street.

For tourists with children the Gingerbread Museum will be interesting, where you can not only get acquainted with the history and technologies of making gingerbreads, but also color the Pokrov  gingerbread with your own hands and get it as a souvenir. Nearby – entertaining Museum-fairy tale "Babusya-Yagusya", as well as the Museum of Entertaining Sciences Galileo and the Museum of Optical Illusions and Entertaining Sciences DA VINCI. Your children will be delighted with visiting new Vladimir museums!
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Of course, in the Vladimir region there are signs and rituals associated with historical events and sights. For example, it is considered a lucky sign to pass under the arch of the Golden Gate and make a wish that will necessarily come true. This is what all newlyweds of Vladimir do.

An important ritual is associated with the relics of the Saints Peter and Fevronia in the Holy Trinity convent in Murom. According to legend, the lovers long and happy reigned in Murom in the 13th century, and died simultaneously. It is believed that couples who fall into their relics with prayer receive healing from infertility, as well as happiness in family life.

Nowadays signs are also created that are associated with new places and monuments. So, on the viewing platform of pedestrian Georgievskaya street recently appeared a monument to the Vladimir artist. A good sign became to stroke the beak of a bird sitting on the artist's easel. And if you go to the monument to a pharmacist next to an old city pharmacy, you need to rub his nose and bald head – for good health.

In the town of Pokrov, there is a belief that if you make a wish and rub the chocolate bar in the hand of a bronze Fairy of Chocolate, then the most cherished and sweet dreams will necessarily be fulfilled.

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The brightest and most original holiday associated with food is, of course, the Cucumber Day in Suzdal, which takes place in the second decade of July, in the format of a cucumber fair – with folk festivals, folklore performances, concerts of musical groups.

In Suzdal, throughout the year, you can get to tasting of almost a dozen varieties of the famous Suzdal mead and, of course, bring it to your friends as a gift.

Murom  kalach, baked according to a special recipe, will be a wonderful souvenir from Murom. Such baking fell to the taste of the Empress Catherine II. Since then, the city's coat of arms is decorated with three kalachs, as a symbol of hospitality of citizens. In the very center of Murom, even a monument was erected to Kalach. According to tourists, this kalach-monument is warm even in cold weather. In the "Hlebnaya Gornitsa" you can try and make yourself a kalach in the master class.

Vladimir cherry is already almost a symbol of Vladimir. The monument to Vladimir Cherry was opened on the Spassky hill recently. In late July, you can get to an unusually colorful and joyful holiday, dedicated to the rite of collecting cherries – "Cherry Savior in the Patriarch Garden."

Every year, at the end of June, the only chocolate festival in Russia takes place in Pokrov, which gathers sweet tooth from all corners of our country. In the square of the Fairy of Chocolate a unique monument of chocolate is set. According to the belief, if you make a wish and rub the tile in the hand of a bronze fairy, then the most cherished and sweet dreams will necessarily be fulfilled.

In addition, in Pokrov, and in Vladimir, you can buy a delicious souvenir – Pokrov gingerbread. In the Vladimir Museum of Gingerbread you can learn about the history of the appearance of the Pokrov gingerbread, about the ancient traditions and rituals associated with this delicacy, and paint with your own hands a tasty souvenir.