Birch-bark icons

Birch-bark icons

The ancient Russian art of birch-bark iconography dates back to the 11th century. Today, in the 21th century, it is being reborn on the Vladimir land by the efforts of Olga Kirina.

Olga Kirina is a member of the International Art Fund, the Icon Painters Guild of the Moscow Chamber of Crafts, the Creative Union of Professional Artists.

The artist creates, motivated by the principle: "An icon is not only and not so much a work of art, it is a sacred object." In 2000 she received the blessing of the Church and began to make icons from birch-bark, having developed her own unique style: elegant icons are decorated with precious and semiprecious stones, pearl, the finest patterns.

Icon-painting works of the Vladimir artist Olga Kirina are in galleries and museums of Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Japan.

Phone: +7 (915) 251-66-01; +7 (915) 798-34-25

Author: V. Korolkova