Pokrov gingerbread

Pokrov gingerbread

The first gingerbread in Russia was called "honey bread" and appeared in the 9th century. It was a mixture of rye flour with honey and berry juice, and honey in it was almost half of all other ingredients. Later, forest herbs and roots were added to "honey bread", and in the 12th and 13th centuries, when exotic spices, brought from India and from the Middle East began to appear in Russia, the gingerbread got its name. And almost completely took shape in the delicacy, which is known today.

The gustatory variety of Russian gingerbreads depended on the dough and, of course, on the spices and additives called in the old days "dry perfume". To give an appetizing yellow color, gingerbread dough was tinted with burnt sugar.

In the 18th-19th centuries, the production of gingerbread flourished in many provinces of Russia. Among them is the town of Pokrov on the Vladimir land, which was famous for its gingerbread masters. They knew the special secret of preparing printed gingerbread, passed down from generation to generation. The main feature of  the Pokrov gingerbread is that eggs are not put in the dough, but spices are used in abundance  – cloves, cinnamon, cardamom.

Gingerbreads were made for gifts and birthdays, for a wedding ceremony, for festive meals, for decorating Christmas trees, for distribution to the poor. Sizes and forms of gingerbreads were various.  Letters of the alphabet, images of animals and birds, figures of people were stamped on Pokrov gingerbreads.

Each gingerbread is made by hand. The dough is formed in special gingerbread boards and baked in a special gingerbread oven. As a filling, boiled condensed milk with walnut is used. Then the gingerbreads are painted by masters-artists.

Today, gift gingerbreads  from the company "Pokrov gingerbread" had firmly won the consumers' love not only for their originality and beauty, but also for their unique and exquisite taste.

Factory "Pokrov gingerbread"
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Working time: 24 hours
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Author: V. Korolkova