Mstera lacquer miniature

Mstera lacquer miniature

In the 18th century Mstera was one of the centers of Russian icon painting. By the middle of the 18th century, there appeared icons with miniature scenes and lots of details. About wide popularity of  the Mstera masters testify collections of icons of the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery.

In the early 20th century, the principles of a new kind of decorative and artistic art   – the lacquer miniature of Mstera – were laid. Boxes and caskets made of papier mache are decorated with a variety of picturesque themes, which are made with tempera paints, manufactured, as in icon painting, in an old fashion on egg emulsion.

The sequence of methods of painting is similar to icon painting. First, the drawing with the help of "priporokh" is transferred from the tracing paper to the cover of the box. Then it is made "roskrysh" – application of the composition. After this begins a detailed long "painting". They are followed by "plavi" – bringing color to unity. Finishes the writing "glare" with white or created gold. The finished item is covered with six layers of clear varnish, dried in an oven and polished.

A characteristic feature of Mstera painting is carpet decorativeness, diversity and subtlety of coloristic shades with the unity of the overall tone of the composition. The color scheme is blue-silver, ocher-yellow and red. The products combine floral and geometric patterns. Russian fairy tales, everyday stories, historical and architectural monuments dominate in the subjects of painting.

Unique works of art created by Mstera artists are exhibited in such museums as "Crystal. Lacquer miniature. Embroidery." in Vladimir, Mstera Art Museum and others. Today, the art of lacquer miniature is actively developing, making Mstera one of the unique art centers not only of the Vladimir land, but also of Russia.

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Author: V. Korolkova