Birch-bark works

Birch-bark works

Birch bark – the upper layer of the birch crust – has long been considered a fine ornamental material, warm and healthy, which was used for a variety of needs. From the 11th century, birch bark was used as a material for writing in Russia . Birch bark letters are an invaluable historical source, telling about the development of old Russian writing and everyday life of people.

Due to its strength and flexibility, birch bark has long been used to make dishes. Birch bark does not let water pass, so people successfully made birch-bark boats and used in construction as a waterproofing. From birch bark they wove bast shoes, made children's toys. Birch bark products were an integral part of folk life. They occupied an important place in the national crafts of Russia, which are alive and developing at the present time.

On the Vladimir earth birch-bark creativity of Sergey Kunov is known. The master studied and cherished the traditions of the ancient folk craft, which allowed him to create modern birch bark masterpieces: boxes, caskets with intricate patterns and drawings, carving, embossing.

Elena Kunova in 1998, too, began to work with birch bark, inspired by the work of her husband. Especially good are her wicker boxes, caskets, vases, sweets boxes, figures of people and animals, as well as products made in mixed technology, where the golden birch interlayer is intertwined.

Birch-bark works by the masters of the Kunovs delight not only the admirers of their art on the Vladimir land. They are stored in museum funds, private collections in Russia and abroad.

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Author: V. Korolkova