During travels, I pay attention to the omens that exist in various regions: I want to make a guess of something good or avoid trouble. Are there any signs related to places and events in the Vladimir region?

Of course, in the Vladimir region there are signs and rituals associated with historical events and sights. For example, it is considered a lucky sign to pass under the arch of the Golden Gate and make a wish that will necessarily come true. This is what all newlyweds of Vladimir do.

An important ritual is associated with the relics of the Saints Peter and Fevronia in the Holy Trinity convent in Murom. According to legend, the lovers long and happy reigned in Murom in the 13th century, and died simultaneously. It is believed that couples who fall into their relics with prayer receive healing from infertility, as well as happiness in family life.

Nowadays signs are also created that are associated with new places and monuments. So, on the viewing platform of pedestrian Georgievskaya street recently appeared a monument to the Vladimir artist. A good sign became to stroke the beak of a bird sitting on the artist's easel. And if you go to the monument to a pharmacist next to an old city pharmacy, you need to rub his nose and bald head – for good health.

In the town of Pokrov, there is a belief that if you make a wish and rub the chocolate bar in the hand of a bronze Fairy of Chocolate, then the most cherished and sweet dreams will necessarily be fulfilled.