Are there any unique gastronomic holidays in the Vladimir region? What local food can be brought as souvenirs from Vladimir and other cities of the region? Thank you.

The brightest and most original holiday associated with food is, of course, the Cucumber Day in Suzdal, which takes place in the second decade of July, in the format of a cucumber fair – with folk festivals, folklore performances, concerts of musical groups.

In Suzdal, throughout the year, you can get to tasting of almost a dozen varieties of the famous Suzdal mead and, of course, bring it to your friends as a gift.

Murom  kalach, baked according to a special recipe, will be a wonderful souvenir from Murom. Such baking fell to the taste of the Empress Catherine II. Since then, the city's coat of arms is decorated with three kalachs, as a symbol of hospitality of citizens. In the very center of Murom, even a monument was erected to Kalach. According to tourists, this kalach-monument is warm even in cold weather. In the "Hlebnaya Gornitsa" you can try and make yourself a kalach in the master class.

Vladimir cherry is already almost a symbol of Vladimir. The monument to Vladimir Cherry was opened on the Spassky hill recently. In late July, you can get to an unusually colorful and joyful holiday, dedicated to the rite of collecting cherries – "Cherry Savior in the Patriarch Garden."

Every year, at the end of June, the only chocolate festival in Russia takes place in Pokrov, which gathers sweet tooth from all corners of our country. In the square of the Fairy of Chocolate a unique monument of chocolate is set. According to the belief, if you make a wish and rub the tile in the hand of a bronze fairy, then the most cherished and sweet dreams will necessarily be fulfilled.

In addition, in Pokrov, and in Vladimir, you can buy a delicious souvenir – Pokrov gingerbread. In the Vladimir Museum of Gingerbread you can learn about the history of the appearance of the Pokrov gingerbread, about the ancient traditions and rituals associated with this delicacy, and paint with your own hands a tasty souvenir.