Hello! Tell me, please, is the Vladimir region the birthplace of some fairy-tale characters? For example, Ilya Muromets is somehow connected with Murom? Thank you!

To some extent, many fairy and epic characters are associated with our region. The most popular of them have in the region, even a kind of "visa".

Ilya Muromets is an epic hero. Brave strongman was born in the village of Karacharovo, near Murom. According to legend, he spent 33 years on the stove, suffering from a disease of hands and feet. He was healed by the holy elders. A glorious warrior began to serve his country with faith and truth. He was in the service of Prince Vladimir. Folklore preserved many epic stories about the exploits of Ilya Muromets. Here are some of them: "Ilya Muromets and the Nightingale the Robber" (he traded in the Meshchera forests), "Ilya Muromets and frigging Idol", "Svyatogor and Ilya Muromets". In the Transfiguration Monastery of the city of Murom, a particle of the relics of the glorious hero is kept.

The King of Peas – "It was still under the King of Peas", "He remembers the King of  Peas" - such stable expressions have been popular among the people for a long time. The mention of the King of Peas is associated with something long past. Few people know that the house of King of Pea is in the town of Gorokhovets. The fairy-tale kingdom is located in the building of the former old estate of the Shorins (now there is also the House of Folk Art and Crafts). To get an audience with His Majesty simply: you need to register for an excursion. The King of Peas welcomes guests sitting on the throne, along with the retinue and the jester Gorokhov. A cheerful excursion with songs and jokes awaits everyone, as well as a pea treatment.

Marya the Mistress – this heroine of the famous film-tale by Alexander Row had her own courtyard in the city of Suzdal. There, everyone can buy handmade souvenirs, take part in master classes and evaluate the products of local craftsmen.

Petushki – the birthplace of all fairy cocks is rightfully considered to be the Petushki district. There is a thematic museum dedicated to this cocky poultry, which hosts themed excursions, holidays and master classes.

And in Vladimir they love the New Year. In 2014, our city was the New Year's capital. The inhabitants of Vladimir celebrate the birthday of Father Frost and write him letters with wishes.