Good afternoon! Tell me, please, whether in your region and the city of Vladimir, any famous films were shot, and if so, where? Thank you.

Stop! Taken off!

The Vladimir region became a set for many famous TV series and films. More than two hundred films were created, both in Vladimir, and in Murom, Gorokhovets. Suzdal remains the undisputed film record-breaker. Especially for you, we made the top 10 most famous films that are associated with the Vladimir land.

1. "The Wedding of Balzaminov", dir. Konstantin Voinov (1964) – Suzdal
2. "Alive and the dead", dir. Alexander Stolper (1964) –village Batyevo, Vladimir region
3. "Andrey Rublev", dir. Andrey Tarkovsky (1966) – Vladimir
4. "There is no ford in the fire", dir. Gleb Panfilov (1967) – Bezlesnaya station near Murom (Vladimir region)
5. "The Golden Calf", dir. Mikhail Schweitzer (1968) – the first series of the film was shot in the town of Yuryev-Polsky, Vladimir Region
6. "Ascent", dir. Larissa Shepitko (1976) – Murom
7. "My gentle and tender beast", dir. Emil Lotyanu (1978) – Suzdal
8. "Wizards", dir. Konstantin Bromberg (1982) – Suzdal
9. "The King", dir. Pavel Lungin (2009) – Suzdal
10. "Sunny stroke", dir. Nikita Mikhalkov (2014) – Gorokhovets

In addition, Vladimir hosts the All-Russian festival of family and children's cinema "Vladimir Cherry".