The town of Kameshkovo is the administrative center of the Kameshkovsky district of the Vladimir region with a population of 12,743 people (2016). It is located 49 km northeast of Vladimir, on the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod railway.


The area where the town is now located, back in the middle of the 19th century was called the "wasteland of Kameshky", which was part of the Gorkin volost of the Kovrov district. This name definitely pointed to infertile stony (stone – in Russian – "kamen") lands around, which did not bring big profits to their owners. In 1886 the wasteland of Kameshky was bought by Ivanovo-Voznesensk factory owners, the Derbenev brothers for the construction of a weaving factory with Mechanical machines.

In 1892, the first two-storeyed stone building of the factory appeared among the pine forest. This year is considered the date of foundation of the modern city of Kameshkovo. By the way, its modern coat of arms (adopted in 2006) depicts a gold masonry from which pine trees emerge, and silver thread spools beneath, which also symbolizes the history of the town's origin.

Every year new factory buildings were built, production expanded. By 1910, the weaving mill had become a large enterprise, employing more than four thousand people from the nearby villages. Together with the factory, the Derbenev brothers also built a village with barracks for employees and workers, a school for their children, and a hospital. They originally called the village "Avdotino" – in honor of their mother, and they gave their own names to the  first streets – Alexandrovskaya, Vasilievskaya, Efremovskaya, Ivanovskaya, Pavlovskaya. An important event for the inhabitants of the factory village was the opening in 1906 of the temple of the Ascension of the Lord. In 1911, a two-story building of a power station with a turbogenerator was built, which provided electricity to the factory and village.

Avdotino was mentioned for the first time in the lists of inhabited places in the Vladimir province in 1905. But this name of the village seemed dissonant to the workers of the factory. Increasingly, the former name of the wasteland of Kameshky, which was transformed gradually into Kameshkovo, began to be used.

After the October Revolution of 1917 the Derbenev factory was nationalized. It became a Spinning and Weaving factory named after Ya.M. Sverdlov. At the end of 1928, a mention of the working village of Kameshkovo appeared in the list of inhabited areas of the province. Since 1940, the village of Kameshkovo has become the center of the Kameshkovo district.


For many years Kameshkovo remained primarily a town of the textile industry. But in 1969 a branch of the Moscow Experimental Mechanical Plant (later the Kameshkovo Mechanical Plant) was opened in the town, which manufactured units and aggregates for laying pipelines.

Since 2005, the former Kameshkovo Spinning and Weaving factory has joined the holding of Ltd "Children's Clothing" (Kameshkovo branch) and produces some types of yarn, harsh fabrics, waffle cloths, etc. In the past decade, the economy and social sphere of Kameshkovo have faced serious difficulties.

A certain help in creating additional jobs for the town is the "Utex Ru" company, opened in 2009 in Kameshkovo (part of Beaulieu International Group, Belgium), which produces modern floor coverings. Since 2007, the SPA"VOYAGE" has been working in Kameshkovo, engaged in the development, production and installation of interior elements of electric trains. At the end of 2016, the SPA "VOYAGE" launched a serial production of control cab modules for rail and wheeled vehicles, as well as sanitary modules for electric trains.

In 2014 Kameshkovo is included in the list of single-industry towns of the Russian Federation, in the category of municipalities with the most difficult socio-economic situation. Since 2015, the Industrial Park "Kameshkovo" project has been implemented, which involves attracting private investments into the town's industry, creating an industrial infrastructure and new jobs.

Famous people

Many famous people were born or worked in the town of Kameshkovo: one of the founders of Kameshkovo and the weaving factory, the mayor of the city of Ivanovo-Voznesensk P.N. – Derbenev (1852-1920); Heroes of the Soviet Union, participants in the Great Patriotic War – A.A. Lohanov (1913-1974), T.D. Sedenkov (1918-1985); Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, Honored Artist of Russia, who worked in the technique of graphics (etching) – B.F. Frantsuzov (1940-1993) and others.


About famous countrymen and places of  Kameshkovo and the area tourists can find out from the expositions of the Kameshkovo Museum of History and Local Lore. In the village of Davydovo, in the Kameshkovo district, you can visit the interesting Museum of A.P. Borodin, a great composer and scientist, who for several years rested here and wrote a large part of the opera "Prince Igor".

Kameshkovo land is also known for ancient estates of the 18th-19th centuries, owned by the landowner AG. Bezobrazov (Potakino village) and the princes Gruzinsky (the village of Mikhailovskoye). Unfortunately, these unique places are in a dilapidated state, and huge investments are required to restore them. 

Author: V. Korolkova