Alley of Glory

Vyazniki, Big Moscow Street, the area of houses 5-11
56.24608548, 42.13932186

The place of special veneration of the inhabitants of Vyazniki, as well as the obligatory point of the tourist routes is the Alley of Glory with a majestic stela, which has become almost a symbol of Vyazniki.

The construction of the complex began in 1974 in memory of the soldiers- townspeople, who died in 1941-1945. The initiator was the first secretary of the Vyazniki regional committee of the CPSU, Ya.P. Zakharov. Architect – V.F. Trondin, now living in Mstera (he is also the author of the Fatyanov’s area, built in Vyazniki in 1978). The grand opening of the Alley of Glory took place on May 9, 1975 on the day of the 30th anniversary of the Great Victory. The Eternal Flame from the Unknown Soldier grave was delivered from Moscow to the memorial by the residents of Vyazniki – Hero of the Soviet Union A.V. Sabashnikov and chevalier of the Order of Glory of three degrees G.V. Repkin.   

The experts highly appreciate the artistic solution of the landscape and architectural complex of the Alley of Glory and the well-chosen place – the high bank of the Klyazma, from where picturesque views of the Vyazniki historical center and the Klyazma floodplain are opened. The author of the complex chose this place not by accident: from here the city dwellers, leaving for the front during the Great Patriotic War, threw a farewell glance at their native city. According to the old-timers, this place was once called the "soldier's footcloths wreath", since here was the first halt for soldiers-recruits leaving the city. 

On the Alley of Glory there are two slabs with the names of 26 residents of Vyazniki – heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia. Pilot-cosmonaut V.N. Kubasov (1935-2014), twice Hero of the Soviet Union, on the account of whom three space flights, was born in Vyazniki and studied here. The bronze bust to the cosmonaut also occupies an honorable place in the memorial complex.    

A monument to the residents of Vyazniki, who participated in the Afghan war, appeared on the Alley of Glory in 1990.

Author: V. Korolkova