Holy Trinity church (the former church of SS Joachim and Anna)

Gus-Khrustalny, Luxembourg street, 3
55.61371732, 40.67144748

The church of SS Joachim and Anna, located in the southern part of the former factory settlement of Gus-Maltsovsky, reckons its history from 1816, when S.A. Maltsov built the first stone church in the name of SS Joachim and Anna for the workers of his glass factory. Glass production developed, the number of factory workers and the population of the village grew. And after three and a half decades, as the new owner of the factory, I.S. Maltsov noted, the church became tight for the parishioners. In 1850, a bell-tower and a refectory in the name of the Holy Trinity were added to the church, and in 1871 the whole church became warm.

In 1936, the Holy Trinity temple (the former church of SS Joachim and Anna) in Gus-Khrustalny was closed. Its fate was terrible: all the values ​​that existed in the temple were confiscated by order of the authorities, and within its walls mechanical workshops of the glass technical school were housed, and then warehouses. The building of the church fell into decay, but its trials did not end. For a long time, there was a fire guard in it, using horses to go out to the fires, so some rooms of the temple were turned into a stable.

Only in 1989 the restoration of the once main church of the glass-factory village began almost from scratch. Today, the Holy Trinity Church is open to believers, in it the Sunday-School works.

Author: V. Korolkova