Pedestrian Georgievskaya (St. George) Street

Georgievskaya  (St. George) Street is located in the historical center of Vladimir. It begins at the intersection with Bolshaya Moskovskaya (Big Moscow) Street, between the Governor's House (No. 24) and the Gymnasium annex (No. 26). In  old times, this street was the heart of the New City, here was the court of Prince Yury Dolgoruky in the 12th century.  He also founded a white-stone church in honor of St. George. According to some historians, the street got its name from it. In 1778, a strong fire destroyed part of the street structures, and the Church of St. George did not survive. At the end of the 18th century, a new church was erected in its place, in the Baroque style, it still exists today. Many buildings of the 18th century are on the street. An old two-story building, next to the Church of St. George's, formerly belonged to the city governor, in 1805 the first city pharmacy was established there (No. 3).

Years passed, the street changed its appearance. In Soviet times, another name appeared – the street of the Red Profintern. But in 1990 the usual Georgievskaya returned to the city maps. According to the architectural plan, the restoration of 1986 under the leadership of I.A. Stoletov returned the look of the 19th century street, with a cobblestone pavement and old lanterns.

In the old merchant's mansion on Georgievskaya Street (No. 2b), the Folklore House of the Regional Center of Folk Art is located. It constantly hosts a variety of exhibitions and master classes, under the guidance of experienced craftsmen. In the next building is the House of Folk Craftsmen, where beautiful expositions about the crafts of the Vladimir region are placed.

In 2015, Georgievskaya Street gained a second birth. On the Day of the City, a pedestrian zone and new observation platforms were opened here. This is a zone of new art objects, interesting samples of city sculpture by the famous Vladimir sculptor, member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation – Igor Chernoglazov. Near the old pharmacy is a monument to the pharmacist. By the established tradition, you need to rub his nose and bald head – for good health. The sculpture of the artist at work is on the observation platform closest to the pharmacy, a reminder of the talented masters of the Vladimir School of Painting. A good sign became to stroke the beak of a bird, sitting on the artist's easel and as if watching the creation of the city's landscape. 

In September 2016, after reconstruction, another pedestrian section was opened, connecting Georgievskaya Street with Spassky Hill. Now tourists do not interfere with transport, during a walk you can sit and rest on the numerous benches. By the Day of the City, new sculptural compositions by Igor Chernoglazov were presented: a mischievous loafer-boy (shalopay – in Russian) greets passers-by at the entrance to the flea market of the weekend "Shalopaevka", which appeared along with a new pedestrian street, and opposite the sculpture of a boy – a filer (detective), looking out of the theatrical stand. By the way, the attentive spectator will find out that along with the historical announcements of the beginning of the 20th century, there is a poster of interesting events taking place in Vladimir now. Next to this sculptural group is another art object – an old customs post. A little further to the Spassky hill – an interactive monument to the fireman, which was installed next to the oldest fire department in Vladimir, which appeared two centuries ago, but still is operating. In the warm season, pedestrians on Georgievskaya Street will be able to bring the sculpture into action with the help of a hand pump: water begins to flow from the hose.   

Near a mighty oak tree, where Georgievskaya (St. George's) Street converges with Spasskaya , is a fairytale composition made of wood. A "golden chain" twists the tree, and beneath it is a bench with the Learned Cat from Pushkin’s tale sitting on it. They say, who will sit next to him and scratch behind his ear – will become wiser.  The author of the composition is the artist Valery Kiselyov. The pedestrian route along Georgievskaya Street can be completed on the Spassky hill with an observation platform, where a granite monument to the city brand – Vladimir Cherry (sculptor I. Chernoglazov) is located in the center.

The renovated Georgievskaya (St. George's) Street claims the title of "Vladimir Arbat" with local color. New art objects have revived the pedestrian route and have formed picturesque corners of the city, which are just asking for photos. On weekends and holidays, concerts, performances, master classes, quizzes and excursions from the best collectives of the city and the region are held in the framework of the art project "Georgievskaya is the Street of Arts". 

Author: V. Korolkova