Zhukovsky Nikolay Egorovich (1847-1921)

Zhukovsky Nikolay Egorovich

Russian scientist in the field of mechanics, the creator of aerodynamics as a science. He was born in the village of Orekhovo near Vladimir (now Sobinka district, Vladimir region) in his parents' estate. His childhood passed here. Here he came as a schoolboy, then as a student at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University. Here he rested during his vacations, when he worked as a professor at the Moscow Higher Technical School and Moscow University. He often returned to his native village, being already a scientist of world renown. It was in Orekhovo that Nikolay Egorovich created many of his scientific works on applied mechanics and aerodynamics. The Memorial House-Museum estate of N.E. Zhukovsky works currently in the village of Orekhovo.