Tsvetaeva Marina Ivanovna (1892-1941)

Tsvetaeva Marina Ivanovna

Russian poetess, prose writer, translator, one of the greatest poets of the Silver Age. Her father, I.V. Tsvetaev is a  famous philologist and art critic, founder of the Museum of Fine Arts (Pushkin Museum), a professor at Moscow University. The younger sister of Marina Tsvetaeva is Anastasia Ivanovna Tsvetaeva (1894-1993). In the years 1915-1917 Anastasia Tsvetaeva lived with her family in the city of Alexandrov, Vladimir province. Marina Tsvetaeva often visited the sister in Alexandrov and stayed with her for a long time. The summer of 1916 was very fruitful for the poetess and went   down in the history of literature as "Alexandrov summer of Marina Tsvetaeva". Here, in Alexandrov in the summer of 1916 Marina Tsvetaeva met with Osip Mandelstam, which she wrote about in her essay "The Story of one Dedication". The Literary and Art Museum of Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaevs was opened in Alexandrov in 1991. It recreates the atmosphere of "Alexandrov summer" of the Tsvetaev sisters. The last photo of the whole family, made in Alexandrov in the summer of 1916, is impressive: the sisters Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaevs, their husbands Sergey Efron and Mauritius Mintz (died suddenly in May 1917), and the children Ariadne and Andrey.  Tsvetaevs Poetry Festival is held annually in Alexandrov.