Suvorov Alexander Vasilyevich (1730-1800)

Suvorov Alexander Vasilyevich

An outstanding Russian commander, the founder of the domestic military theory, the generalissimo, national hero of Russia. A.V. Suvorov was associated with the Vladimir land: after his father's death in 1775 he inherited about a dozen villages near Suzdal and Kovrov, including the estate in the village of Undol near Vladimir (now part of Lakinsk). Here the military leader lived, as he himself said, "in inactivity" for two years (1784-1785) in between wars. He was assigned to command the Vladimir division, which headquarters he located in his estate in Undol. It is believed that it was here that A.V. Suvorov completed his famous work "Science of winning". In addition, Suvorov found time to equip his estate, was interested in the life of local peasants, visited their gatherings. He built a school for peasant and soldier children in Undol. Special warm barracks for the soldiers were built to free the peasants from soldier billet. After the death of Suvorov in 1800, the estate of Undol was inherited by his daughter Natalia, whom Alexander Vasilyevich lovingly called Suvorochka. Until now, only the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, the remains of the manor park and the spring have survived from the family estate of Suvorov in Undol. The Museum-Chamber of A.V. Suvorov operates today at the church. It is planned to create a memorial complex on the site of Suvorov's house, restoration of the relic Suvorov grove. The name of the great commander was given to one of the streets in the microdistrict Dobroe in Valdimir.