Shmelyov Ivan Sergeevich (1873-1950)

Shmelyov Ivan SergeevichRussian writer, publicist, orthodox thinker. The fate of the writer was closely connected with the Vladimir land: at the very beginning of the 20th century, for eight years he worked as an official of the Vladimir public office. I.S. Shmelyov lived in Vladimir together with his family,   in a house on Tsaritsinskaya Street (now – Gagarin St., 31). In 2014 a plaque in the form of a bas-relief portrait of I.S. Shmelyov (sculptor I. Chernoglazov) was placed on this house.  It is believed that it was in Vladimir that he finally decided to break with his previous work and become a writer. The work and life experience of the former official became a fertile ground for the best works of Shmelyov, giving a realistic picture of everyday life of the Russian people and patriarchal Russia. The best known are such stories of the writer as "The Man from the Restaurant", "The Sun of the Dead" and the novels "Pilgrimage", "The Summer of the Lord". According to the latest novel, the All-Russian Festival of Sacred Music and Bells "The Summer of the Lord", which is held annually in Suzdal, is named.