Rozanova Olga Vladimirovna (1886-1918)

Rozanova Olga Vladimirovna

Russian painter, graphic artist, illustrator, one of the largest representatives of the Russian avant-garde. She was born in the town of Melenki, Vladimir province. After graduating from the   Vladimir Women's Gymnasium in 1904, O. Rozanova went to Moscow to study painting. She studied at a number of private art schools and studios, for some time she was an open-air student of the Stroganov Art College. Since 1910, she actively participated in exhibitions of the Society of experimental artists and innovators "Union of Youth."  She collaborated with poets-futurists, illustrated A. Kruchenykh's  books  on the basis of the collage method. In 1916 she joined the association of avant-garde artists "Supremus", created by K. Malevich. Olga Rozanova died very early, at 32 years of diphtheria. In February 2016 the first scientific conference devoted to the work of Olga Rozanova was held in Vladimir. In November 2016, the "Olga Rozanova Center" was opened for research, artistic and publishing activities.