Fatyanov Alexey Ivanovich (1919-1959)

Fatyanov Alexey Ivanovich

Russian Soviet poet, the author of many popular songs. He was born in the village of Maloye  Petrino near the town of Vyazniki in the Vladimir province. In the years 1922-1929, Alexei Fatyanov lived with his parents in a family home in the center of Vyazniki. In 1929, the Fatyanov family moved to the Moscow region, where Alexey studied at a music school, visited Moscow theaters and museums, wrote poetry. In 1937 he received a theatrical education. Fatyanov went through the Great Patriotic War from the first to the last day, was twice wounded. It was during the war that his song muse was born. Recognition came to the poet with the song "On a Sunny Glade ", and the song "Nightingales" Marshal G.K. Zhukov put in one row with the "Holy War". After the war, A.I. Fatyanov settled in Moscow, but every summer he came to Vyazniki, taking inspiration for his songwriting. Until now, people are singing such Fatyanov  songs  as "Migratory Birds", " Three Years I Dreamed of You", "On Your Porch", "When Spring Comes", "In the City Garden" and many others. In memory of the outstanding compatriot, the annual All-Russian Fatyanov Festival of Poetry and Songs is held in Vyazniki. The first in Russia "Museum of Song of the 20th century" was created in the family house of Fatyanovs in Vyazniki.