Borodin Alexander Porfiryevich (1833-1887)

Borodin Alexander Porfiryevich

Russian composer, participant of the "Mighty Handful", scientist-chemist and physician. In St. Petersburg, a chemist professor, and from 1877 – Academician of the Medico-Surgical Academy, A.P. Borodin practically all the time was engaged in chemical research. Sundays and summer holidays he mostly devoted to his musical creativity. The composer has spent many summers on the Vladimir land. In the summer of 1874, he stayed with his wife and daughter at the Kulomzins’ estate in Gubachevo, Suzdal county, and for work retired in a small house in the village of Zernovo (near the village of Rozhnovo). Three summer seasons in 1876, 1877, 1878 years, Borodin spent in the village of Davydovo (now – Kameshkovo district), in the summer estate of the family of Alexander Dianin – his friend and beloved disciple. Borodin came here as a relative, brought the piano (it is now in the Museum of Musical Culture named after M.I. Glinka in Moscow) and studied music a lot. It was here that Borodin wrote the most inspired pages of the famous opera "Prince Igor". In the Dianin’s family they carefully preserved the legacy of the composer. In 1980, on the initiative of S.A. Dianin, a researcher of Borodin's creativity, the only in the country and in the world museum of A.P. Borodin was opened in the village of Davydovo.