Viewing platform "Crown" ("Venets")

Vyazniki, Suburban Street, the area of the house 26
56.23732974, 42.19878308

Viewing platform "Crown"("Venets") is one of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of Vyazniki. It is the highest point of the city with a beautiful view of the Klyazma River, its flood meadows and distances.

From here, from the steep right bank of the Klyazma, you can see a view of the village of Pirovy- Gorodishchi, in the area of ​​which the ancient Russian town of Yaropolch was located in the 12th century. It was surrounded by ramparts up to 5 m in height, the remains of which have survived to this day. Yaropolch was a fortress of the princely building and part of the outlying fortresses of Vladimir-Suzdal Rus. The prince's viceroy governed it. Craft and trade were developed in the town, and literacy was widespread. The most ancient inscription found during the archaeological excavations of Yaropolch is an inscription on a unique find – a stone crucifix, which dates back to the late 11th-early 12th centuries. In 1239, the town was looted and burnt by the troops of Khan Baty, as evidenced by a commemorative plaque, placed on the site of ancient Yaropolch.

The viewing platform "Crown" ("Venets") gives a fantastic panorama of Klyazma, where in a flat current the river forms many bends. It snakes through green meadows around the sickle-shaped island in the bend, resembling a kokoshnik (an ancient headdress of a Russian woman) in its form. Maybe that's why they called such a beautiful place "Crown"?

Author: V. Korolkova