Fatyanov’s House (Museum of the 20th Century Song)

Vyazniki, Pushkinskaya Street, 7
56.24702084, 42.15674442
+7 (49233) 2-02-77

The Museum of the 20th Century Song – a unique one of its kind – was opened in 1999 in the house of the Fatyanov family, which is located in the center of Vyazniki. Two-story stone mansion with columns was built in the beginning of the 20th century by Ivan Nikolaevich Fatyanov, the father of the future famous poet-songwriter Alexey Fatyanov. He was a very wealthy entrepreneur who sold beer imported from Moscow and shoes made in his workshops. The house was located in the heart of the city, opposite the Kazan Cathedral (it was destroyed in 1929). The first floor of the building housed the Fatyanov Trading House, and on the second floor was the first private cinema in the city and an extensive library. Fatyanov's house was known in the city, not only thanks to trade. In fact, it was the center of the cultural life of Vyazniki. In 1918, the house was nationalized, but in 1922-1929, at the time of the NEP, the Fatyanov family lived in it on a leasehold basis.

During the Soviet era, various organizations were located in the mansion: the first Soviet city cinema "Progress", the regional library, the regional house of culture, the telephone exchange. For some time the house was in an abandoned state. The matter of honor of the inhabitants of Vyazniki was the restoration of the patrimonial home of their countryman A.I. Fatyanov, songs on whose poems all Russia sings. It was quite logical to decide to open in the restored building the Museum of the 20th Century Song, which, first of all, is dedicated to the song creativity of Alexey Fatyanov.

Author: V. Korolkova