Natural and archeological monuments

Bald Mountain is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places near  Gorokhovets. It rises above the Klyazma river almost 100 meters. From here you can see an amazing view of the endless forests and the wide floodplain along which the river is wriggling with ribbon, a view of the flood meadows and the mirror lakes.

The Bald Mountain received its name because of the almost complete absence of vegetation, in contrast to neighboring hills with dense forests. Such an unusual natural phenomenon still does not find a scientific explanation, but it gave rise to legends.

In 1545, the army of the Kazan khan Amanak, which plundered the Nizhny Novgorod lands for several years, was defeated near  Gorokhovets. According to legend, the khan himself was killed here. He was buried on the bank of the Klyazma, each warrior brought a handful of earth to his grave, and a mound formed. Since then, not a single tree has grown on it.

However, the bulk origin of the mountain was not confirmed by archaeological excavations conducted in 1929 by the famous scientist professor O.N. Bader. Studies have shown that the Bald Mountain is a hill of natural origin, where even in the 6th-5th centuries BC lived people who did not know metal and used stone and wooden tools of labor. Pottery and bone products (hair clips, awls near  Gorokhovets, amulets) found in the settlement, suggest that the settlement of these places continued just at the beginning of the first millennium AD. This hillfort was fortified on three sides by the steep banks of the Klyazma, and on the fourth side – earthen ramparts, the remains of which have survived to this day.

The hillfort "Bald Mountain" ("Lysaya Gora") today has the status of an archaeological monument of federal significance.

Address: Gorokhovets, village Gorodishche
GPS: 56.192475, 42.653098

One of the most beautiful places in Gorokhovets is frightening Puzhalova (Frightening) Mountain. At the top of the mountain there is a pine grove, the therapeutic coniferous air of which has determined the placement of children's health camps here. On the eastern slopes there are the town's cherry garden and park.

The Puzhalova (Frightening) Mountain in the town is connected with a legend, which takes us back to the distant times of the Tatar raids. The soldiers of one of the detachments of the Kazan Tatars, who surrounded the city in 1539 and were planning to plunder it, had a vision. Not far from the Gorokhovets fortifications, on the mountain appeared the image of a giant Russian warrior. The Tatars considered this a bad omen and left the town. So the mountain frightened the enemies.

In 2005, opened the self-titled ski resort was opened on the Puzhalova (Frightening) Mountain, which gained fame far beyond Gorokhovets and has a number of international and Russian awards. The ski resort "Puzhalava Mountain" has 16 routes of varying complexity. In addition to skiing, you can go snowboarding and sledding. There are programs for teaching skiing for different age groups, including children.

Address: Gorokhovets, Komsomolskaya street, 31
GPS: 56.200536, 42.685765

Author: V. Korolkova