Zvorykin Vladimir Kozmich (1889-1982)

Zvorykin Vladimir Kozmich

An outstanding scientist, one of the inventors of modern television. He was born in the city of Murom in Vladimir province in a rich merchant family. Here he spent his childhood and youth, graduated from the Murom Real School in 1906. Already at that time his abilities and interest in technology were manifested, which prompted him to get a higher engineering education at the St. Petersburg Technological Institute. In 1919, V.K. Zvorykin emigrated to the United States, where his inventions were made in the field of radio electronics, which brought him world fame. A memorial plaque was erected on the Zvorykins’ house in the center of Murom (Pervomayskaya St., 4). In front of the house there is a monument to V.K. Zvorykin, which depicts him as a student at a real school. Now the Murom Historical and Art Museum is located in this house.