Zlatovratsky Nikolay Nikolaevich (1845-1911)

Zlatovratsky Nikolay Nikolaevich

Russian writer, publicist, whose stories refer to the so-called "peasant fiction", reproducing all the small things of peasant life and people's customs. He was born in Vladimir, where he spent his childhood and youth. Here he studied and graduated from secondary school. Being a schoolboy, he helped his father, an official of the chancery of the provincial leader of the nobility, in the opening of a public library in Vladimir. Zlatovratsky returned to his hometown after a serious illness in 1872, already having a certain literary experience. In Vladimir he wrote the story "Peasants-jurymen", worked on the novel "Foundations". There is a memorial plaque on the house where he lived and worked in Vladimir (Herzen St., 39). The name of N.N. Zlatovratskogo is assigned to one of the streets of Vladimir (located between Herzen St. and Bolshaya Moskovskaya St.).