Solzhenitsyn Alexander Isaevich (1918-2008)

Solzhenitsyn Alexander Isaevich

Russian writer, playwright, public and political figure, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. After the Kazakh exile, A. Solzhenitsyn sought solitude in the Russian outback, waiting for a rehabilitation. During the 1956-1957 school year, Alexander Solzhenitsyn "taught" in the village of Mezinovskoe  school, Gus-Khrustalny district of the Vladimir region. The writer himself lived in the neighboring village of Miltsevo, where he rented a corner from a local resident Matryona Zakharova. This year, which he spent next to the experienced in her lifetime elderly peasant woman, A. Solzhenitsyn described in his famous story "Matryona’s courtyard" ("Matryonin Dvor"). In the village of Mezinovskoe, the museum complex "Solzhenitsyn Routes" is currently being formed.