Herzen Alexander Ivanovich (1812-1870)

Herzen Alexander Ivanovich

Russian publicist, writer, philosopher, revolutionary figure. More than two years (1838 - the beginning of 1840) lived in Vladimir in exile. Hertzen himself called these years the happiest in his life. Here, in early May 1838, he married his bride N.A. Zakharyina (in the Kazan church of Yamskaya Sloboda near Vladimir, today in this place is Victory Square). In June 1839, his son, Alexander, was born in Vladimir, a future well-known physiologist. The first apartment of three rooms was rented by a young family of Herzen for a year and a half in the house of N.A. Adoyev on Bolshaya Street next to the Golden Gate (in 1928 a new house was built in its place – 4, B. Moscow Street – and the memorial plaque to Herzen is located here today). A.I. Herzen wrote "Notes of a young man" in Vladimir, which served as a material for the famous memoir chronicle "Past and Thoughts". Here he became the first editor of the unofficial part of the Vladimir Province Journal. One of the streets of Vladimir is named after Herzen.